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lip fillers london

Lip augmentation has become increasingly popular over the past twenty years, but has particularly peaked since the prevalence of social media icons and influencers flaunting full, voluminous pouts across our screens. While the American Society of Plastic Surgeons saw a 50% increase in interest in lip enhancement treatments from 2000-2016, it is only more recently that non-surgical options have been available to satisfy our needs to create enviable lip shape, fullness and texture. Thankfully, these non-surgical options are safer, less expensive, and can be completely tailored to suit the lips you desire. At Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, our expertise is at designing and delivering bespoke lip fillers London is proud of with results to create a look that enhances your natural beauty.


Dr Hotaki’s Signature Technique

The trends for designer lips are ever changing, but Dr Hotaki’s signature techniques stay relatively similar – focusing on safe, precise treatment to deliver consistently exceptional results that are adjusted according to each clients’ specific requirements. While the large, full lip is still very much at the center of interest for lip fillers London based clients, there are other lip looks that are catching eyes and starting conversations across the globe. Thankfully, dermal fillers are constantly being developed to keep up with the changing trends, which is more than can be said for painful, permanent surgical options. Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology provides bespoke, designer lips with carefully selected dermal fillers, to optimize your results and keep up with your most suited aesthetic.

The full, voluminous lip has long been an admirable facial quality, but the recent surge in popular culture figures adopting augmentation techniques to achieve fullness on both the top and bottom lip has increased clients’ interest in plumped, plush lips. The full, curvaceous lip aesthetic is not nearly a fad and is far from becoming out of fashion, despite many stars now opting for other available looks that are achievable without resorting to surgery.


Contouring the Lips with Lip Fillers London Based

Now, there is a continued increase in lip contouring, focusing on the outline of the lip rather than just its fullness. Creating a peaked cupid’s bow that is defined and beautiful is now becoming more popular than just increasing the size of the lips, with many stars and clients alike opting for a smaller, more defined lip over the voluminous look we know and love. While both lip looks are gorgeous, Dr Hotaki can create a bespoke, tailored look for you that will suit your face shape, size and other features to enhance your overall appearance.

With the rapid popularity of lip augmentation, dermal filler innovations are arising thick and fast. Now, not just the size or shape of the lip can be treated, but the texture too. With Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers becoming more commonplace among exclusive dermatology and aesthetic clinics in particular, an intense hydrating treatment can transform dry, cracked, or wrinkled lips into healthy, youthful looking pouts – without adding too much dramatic change to the natural size or shape.

Using his years of expertise and research into developing his signature techniques, Dr Nur Hotaki makes sure to keep up to the latest lip trends. However, his focus is creating a look that is beautiful for you, rather than sticking entirely to one trend that might not suit your individual features. For a personalized look, Hotaki London’s designer lip service compromises the best of lip augmentation trends; bespoke design and tailoring; and safe and comfortable treatment.

Lip Fillers London

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