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Stretch Mark Removal

It’s uncommon for most of us to escape the irritating grasp of stretch marks – narrow lines that appear along the surface of the skin for a number of reasons aside pregnancy. Both men and women can suffer, with the tummy, thighs, buttock and breasts being the most common areas of the body to be affected.

In most instances, stretch marks appear as a result of rapid weight gain, whereby the skin is put under extreme pressure to stretch in such a short period of time. As well as pregnant women, stretch marks are highly common among teenagers as growth spurts during puberty cause the skin to rapidly stretch. To begin with, these marks appear as red or purple lines, but can fade over time to more of a white or purple color. Unfortunately, stretch marks are notoriously difficult to prevent, with the best advice being to maintain a steady, healthy body weight as best you can. On the other hand, there are Stretch Mark Removal London treatment options that offer effective results that topical treatments simply can’t comprehend.

Stretch Mark Removal London –

While stretch marks can fade over time, this is never guaranteed, and Dr Hotaki can speed up this process through a bespoke treatment experience like no other here at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology. Schedule your consultation today.

Stretch Mark Removal

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