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Skin that is pitted with scars can be difficult to live with for many sufferers, particularly in areas such as the face or the neck. Unfortunately for a lot of acne sufferers, scarring is a very real risk that comes hand-in-hand with their condition. When pimples and spots burst or rupture, they can severely damage the surrounding skin, leading to scarring, which is why spots shouldn’t be aggravated or squeezed if it can be helped.

Alternatively, scarring may occur within the skin as a result of general injury, as this is a natural part of the healing process. While they won’t ever disappear completely, sometimes scars can fade on their own in time, but this can be a very long process. Scars appear in the first place after a break in the skin tissue triggers a release in collagen proteins which then build up around the wound to heal and strengthen the damaged skin. This process continues for a number of months, in which time blood supply increases and causes a red, lumpy appearance.

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While over-the-counter products claim to offer effective results for different types of scarring, you should really only rely on expert help and a tailored treatment plan to improve this condition. Here at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr Hotaki can provide just this. Schedule your consultation today.


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