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Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is more professionally known as “hyperhidrosis”, and commonly affects between 2-3% of the population – which is more people than you might first think. It goes without saying that this condition can cause embarrassment for sufferers, having a long-term effect on even the most basic aspects of day-to-day life. From social and work life to relationships, there isn’t much that excessive sweating won’t impact.

The underarms, hands, feet, and forehead are the most common places affected by excessive sweating, although the condition can affect any part of the body. For most patients, symptoms initially arise during teenage years, but have been known to manifest at any point throughout your life. Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause, with some health concerns having an impact on excessive sweating, which can either be “focal hyperhidrosis” where one specific area of the body is affected, or “generalised hyperhidrosis” where the entire body suffers. Stress, anxiety and environmental factors are also thought to be triggers for excessive sweating.

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Excessive Sweating

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