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Sagging Skin

We all have collagen and elastin proteins within our skin. These proteins make up the connective tissue in our body, allowing us to maintain healthy, youthful skin that will bounce back and return to its normal shape after having been stretched. Unfortunately, the ageing process leads to a drop in these protein levels, sacrificing firmness and tightness. This process happens much sooner for some people for one or a number of reasons, including improper skincare and long term sun damage, your genetic makeup, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Muscle activity, rapid weight loss and cigarette smoking all contribute to sagging skin and premature ageing in some form. Sagging skin is particularly prominent in areas such as the jowls, the upper arms, the neck, and the tummy. Once collagen and elastin levels deplete, gravity soon takes its toll and causes unsightly sagging that can negatively impact your self-confidence and general mental wellbeing.

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Sagging Skin

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