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Extremely common among teenagers and adult patients who experience similar hormone fluctuation, active acne is an inflammatory skin condition that almost all of us will experience in some way or another throughout our lives.

Breakouts and persistent redness are two of the main symptoms associated with acne, which is usually seen across the face, neck, chest and back. Due to its outward appearance, it is clear to see why acne can have a seriously negative impact on general happiness and mental wellbeing on a daily basis, and finding a treatment that works for you is far easier said than done.

In terms of causes, there are a number that contribute to the development and the severity of acne, including excess oil production within the skin, blocked pores and certain bacterias. Your genetic makeup could simply mean that you are more prone to acne, particularly if your skin tends to be naturally oily or if your pores are large.

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There are numerous types of acne that all require a bespoke approach to treatment, which is the exact way in which Dr N Hotaki likes to practice and care for his patients. Schedule a consultation at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology to guarantee real, reliable results.


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