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Moving into Devonshire Place, a historically prominent street in the prestigious Marylebone, was one of the best decisions I made for London Clinic known as Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology. My extensive medical background has been incredibly varied – from general practices to acute care – but I am always grateful to now be pursuing my specialism right in the heart of London. The city always surprises me, and I take a lot of inspiration from the people I meet here and the clients I take care of.

Like anywhere, London has specific fashions that become synonymous with their location. Having travelled a lot and extensively researched cosmetic dermatology techniques and styles, I can recognise and recreate aesthetic fashions from across the globe. Having my luxury venue right by Regent’s Park, and right by the iconically British Baker Street station, I can always rely on the people around London to highlight fresh new looks. London’s beauty and lifestyle aesthetic is very much in the idea of the classic ‘English Rose’: British beauty is simple, effortless, and timelessly stylish, and this ethos continues through their cosmetic dermatology treatments too.


A Subtle Rejuvenation

While I am skilled at providing a variety of cosmetic treatments to the specification of my clients, and with the expertise required to ensure complete aesthetic satisfaction, I often find that my London-based VIP clients generally move by the ‘less-is-more’ ethos. No matter how many treatments my clients require or opt for, accentuating their natural beauty with ‘tweakments’ is usually at the top of their aesthetic goals. To achieve this perfectly-imperfect effortless beauty is completely and easily attainable by anyone, regardless of their dermatological concerns. By focusing on perfecting their natural features with subtle treatments, the London look truly makes the best of each clients’ individual strengths to achieve a beautiful, glowing goddess out of each client. Here are some favourite treatments of my clients, that embrace the beautifully British approach to natural-looking beauty.


Achieve Glowing Skin

An absolute must for looking your best in London – rain or shine – is an utterly radiant complexion. A smooth, even tone and acne-free skin are the foundation of looking effortlessly gorgeous, but it can take some considered treatment for this to be achievable for most of my clients. As a specialist dermatologist, I assess each clients’ individual skin traits and tailor a cosmeceutical treatment plan to fully optimise their complexion. Whether my patients struggle with acne, rosacea, or even the effects of sun-damage and ageing, creating bespoke skincare treatments and performing specialist peels can give their entire look a subtle yet transformative leap into looking effortlessly chic.


Restoring Skin Health

Similarly to a great complexion, part of the elegance of London’s aesthetic fashion comes from maintaining exceptional facial tone and structure. While great anti-aging treatments are a necessity for creating these, my revolutionary PlasmaPRO treatment provides lifting results that have only been achievable through surgical procedures: until now. With no downtime or recovery, and with far fewer risks, PlasmaPRO treatment stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin to replenish dermal volume, smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines, and pockets of lost volume.


Versatile Dermal Fillers

When many clients suggest they want dermal fillers, they often have a very specific, striking look in mind. While bolder looks can suit most clients, it can be more of an emotional challenge to maintain such confidence if they aren’t used to it. So, when my exclusive clients come to me for smaller anti-aging tweaks or more precise concerns, they can be surprised to hear I will recommend dermal fillers to rectify their problems. Not just for creating fuller lips or adding volume to reduce wrinkles, my favourite use of dermal fillers are to accentuate my clients’ natural facial structures. Non-surgical rhinoplasty using my signature cannula technique, or dermal fillers in the cheeks to lift the appearance of the face for a more youthful look, can provide subtle improvements that ultimately boost my clients’ confidence – often more than the results of the treatment itself.


As the Sun is starting to peek through the blossoms on the streets near my luxury London clinic, it’s a beautiful time of realisation for a lot of people across London that this is the time of year for renewal. For some, that is a bold and beautiful treatment with eye-catching results. But for many, it’s a subtle boost of confidence to accentuate their natural look – but to ultimately enhance their lifestyle and wellbeing. To discuss your aesthetic goals with me at a free, no-obligation consultation in my London Clinic, get in touch today. Whether you’re hoping for a drastic change or a subtle boost, I can guarantee a personalised, bespoke service that is tailored to you exclusively.

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