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Medical Lipolysis with Dr Hotaki

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Medical Lipolysis

We all work hard to maintain a body that we can be proud of, whether that means sticking to a healthy, balanced diet or a solid exercise regime. Sometimes though, in spite of our best efforts, our body can retain stubborn pockets of fat in several key areas – the face, chin, abdomen, thighs and knees – and this can have an incredibly detrimental effect on both our confidence and mental wellbeing.

Unfortunately, the retention of fat in areas across the body is something which appears to be genetic, meaning that this is something which we often have no control over without seeking out some form of medical intervention.

With this in mind, Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, a London-based clinic notable for its commitment to positive patient outcomes and unrivalled standards of care, could well have the solution for you: medical lipolysis.

What is Medical Lipolysis?

Medical lipolysis is an effective form of injectable aesthetic treatment that works to destroy the areas of fatty tissue taking up unwanted residence across the body and Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology founder, Dr Nur Hotaki, is well-known for his unique approach to this type of fat-blitzing procedure. Over 4-6 sessions, patients will experience a significant reduction in the appearance of fat on the face, chin, abdomen, thighs or knees, and will undergo a treatment journey designed to prevent further production of fat in these chosen areas, with these seemingly unshiftable fatty deposits being eliminated from the body via natural means. Ever the professional, Dr Hotaki will use a combination of products to ensure the success of these sessions.

To finish, Dr Hotaki will ensure that sagging or loose skin does not become a problem in the aftermath of the treatment, with skin tightening an essential part of this procedure.

Why Choose Medical Lipolysis?

Many patients opt to undergo medical lipolysis due to its minimal downtime and non-surgical nature. There are also fewer risks associated with this more affordable form of lipolysis. Each treatment session can be carried out relatively quickly and, for most patients, optimum results can be seen after 3 months. As previously mentioned, Dr Hotaki recommends 4-6 sessions to ensure that the best outcome is achieved and it should also be noted that medical lipolysis should not be seen as a way of helping weight loss.

Medical lipolysis can also be used as an alternative to treatments such as jawline fillers due to its focus on contouring and helping patients to recapture definition and structure.

Dr Hotaki

As a doctor with experience in several different disciplines, Dr Hotaki is a practitioner with an unrivalled reputation. When in clinic, he brings his enviable knowledge and wisdom of all things medical to every treatment, drawing on his unwavering commitment to patient care and belief in tailoring his services to suit the needs of every individual.

To book in for your medical lipolysis treatment, visit his website today.

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