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Photoageing Case Study

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When Dr Hotaki’s patients visit him at his luxury Devonshire Place venue, it’s always clear that Dr Nur Hotaki prides himself on being at the very top of his game. Providing exceptional patient care alongside a wealth of medical knowledge, he produces consistently effective treatments for a range of cosmetic dermatology concerns.

While Dr Hotaki is keen to allow his patients the freedom and privacy to enjoy his entire venue exclusively in his VIP service package, he will not allow poor workmanship in his treatments. Following an extensive medical career that spans multiple specialities, including Acute Care, Emergency Medicine, General Practice and Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr Hotaki has spent the last year perfecting his bespoke protocols for treating his patients – a truly unrivalled service that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK. This is where Photoageing lies.


Client A: Sun Damaged Skin

For this case study, we’re looking at Patient A, who was suffering with severe type of premature ageing of the decolletage area. It was clearly visible multiple fine lines and wrinkles, as well as looking and feeling dehydrated. Due to excessive sun exposure, spots of pigmentation and loss of melanin made her skin tone uneven, ageing her significantly. After a private consultation with Dr Hotaki, who personally concludes every aspect of all clients’ treatment, it was decided that for the very best results, Dr Hotaki would follow his rigorously tested protocols to produce other-worldly results.

After over a year of studies, testing, and clinical trials, Dr Hotaki and his client were astounded at the results to be achieved using this wholly bespoke technique. Crafting and developing targeted and individually prepared mesoceuticals to be administered across the affected area was step one of Dr Hotaki’s plan. With such control over the ingredients and nutrient-input into Client A’s treatment, Dr Hotaki had the flexibility to minutely alter the treatment for the utmost suitability, optimising fast results.


Unique Mesotherapy, Designed for You

Mesotherapy using Dr Hotaki’s bespoke protocols should be recommended for 6 treatment sessions every two weeks. But, this patient experienced dramatic, rapid results after only three tailored mesotherapy sessions. Whereas other clinics and dermatologists want to create temporary fixes to their clients’ problems, Dr Hotaki has developed an advanced revolutionary way of treating client concerns using natural, tailored protocols to achieve long-lasting, rapid results by boosting the skin’s health from within by reawakening youth-boosting cells. No other clinic or clinician has developed such a bespoke protocol to achieve such potent results, and this patient is very excited to see how her condition develops even more as she finishes her treatment with Dr Nur Hotaki.

To book your free, no-obligation initial consultation for Mesotherapy at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, and see how you could benefit from Dr Hotaki’s world-leading cosmetic protocols, just get in touch today.

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