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Neck wrinkles Case Study

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Neck Wrinkles

Dr Hotaki’s Unique Protocol Research

Dr Nur Hotaki’s passion doesn’t lie solely in dermatological correction – it constantly pushes forward for long-lasting, effective treatments for his clients. Over the last two years, Dr Hotaki has utilised his extensive medical background and has conducted research, trials and studies to design treatment protocols for unbelievably effective results. No other clinic in the UK can offer such bespoke treatments for it’s clients, because not all dermatologists press the industry and their limitations for better and better technology. Dr Hotaki’s dedication to producing outstanding results has seen his clinical trials and client treatments produce incredible outcomes time and time again, ensuring Hotaki’s position as London’s leading dermatologist.


Case Study 2: Ageing, Sagging Skin & Neck Wrinkles

Taking a look at Case Study 2, this patient suffered terribly with sagging and ageing skin around the neck area. What’s commonly called ‘digital neck’ – which in this generation we see more and more, as people spend more time looking down at screens – produces deep-set wrinkles in the delicate skin across the neck, causing the overall appearance of the client to prematurely age dramatically. But, after just three treatments with Dr Hotaki and his bespoke mesotherapy treatment, boosting the skin’s natural essential nutrients for complete repair and rejuvenation, the client can now enjoy lasting results for a look that’s ten years younger.


Treatments Designed With You In Mind

The treatments at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology vary from patient to patient, as they may all have varying concerns to address directly. But, Dr Hotaki personally accounts for every single patient and creates bespoke protocols to produce unrivalled outcomes. This patient, although they have only had three treatments so far, may go on to have more treatments to continue the natural rejuvenation through non-surgical infusion of essential skin-toning vitamins. Imagine the results in the long term!

All of Dr Hotaki’s treatments, based on his extensive research and conducted trials, are non-invasive, and work by stimulating and reawakening of the skin’s cells. Adhering to the status-quo of dermatology treatments was never enough for Dr Hotaki, and now you can experience his one-of-a-kind treatments too due to his ground-breaking protocols in rejuvenation.

To speak to Dr Hotaki about his unique treatment protocols, and the other-worldly results he can achieve using his individual extensive research, comprehensive medical knowledge, and signature techniques, book your free consultation now. Quick fixes aren’t important to Dr Hotaki, but your confidence is, so fight the signs of ageing today and turn back time.

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