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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty using a Cannula Technique

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can go one of two ways: it can be a fantastic success, with undetectable treatment leaving only a flawless straight nose to compliment your facial structure; or it can be performed poorly, leaving a misaligned, accentuated and bumpy nose drawing attention to itself in the centre of your face. For many medical consultants in aesthetics, distinguishing between the results is unclear when it comes to treatment. Many doctors opt for using the same technique when performing non-surgical rhinoplasty, without taking into account the clients requirements, facial structure, or how their nose actually needs correcting. Less is certainly more when it comes to this procedure, and using the right technique, it can be a very effective way of correcting a misaligned nose.


My Signature Technique

Tailormade treatments are at the heart of everything I do at Hotaki London, and so it only makes sense that I should opt for a treatment technique that allows me the flexibility to continue designing bespoke treatments to suit my clients. Since the nose carries a lot of weight in terms of client confidence, it is important to get this procedure right every time. That’s why my extensive experience, reputed medical knowledge, and passion for delivering outstanding results led me to rely on my cannula technique for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

A signature technique in cosmetic dermatology only develops after years of experience, with a constant dedication to providing what the client requires to an even higher standard. My signature cannula technique during this procedure requires extensive knowledge of the nasal anatomy, but it allows me to have complete control over the final result according to creating the most beautiful results. I am proud to offer this innovative technique, which is uncommon to find in the UK but truly offers the most outstanding rhinoplasty results using only dermal filler.


Using a Cannula

From the tip of the nose, I insert a small cannula from the bridge to the tip of the nose, and slowly manipulate the filler into the desired shape. Keeping entirely parallel to the nasal spine creates a much straighter final result than injected filler techniques. By slowly removing the cannula down the nose and administering the dermal filler, distribution of the product is seamless and natural-looking, unlike this procedures’ injectable counterpart.

While this technique requires a higher level of skill than injectable dermal filler techniques, I have been performing it extensively across my cosmetic dermatology career. The non-surgical technique can be performed quickly and painlessly, and requires minimal downtime. As one of the few doctors in the UK who offer this seamless procedure as a signature technique, I am committed to delivering beautiful, bespoke results for each and every client.

All consultations with me are free, and you are under no-obligation to book a treatment once you have seen me. However, if you wish to discuss my non-surgical rhinoplasty cannula technique with me and assess what it can do to benefit you, please get in touch with me today. This groundbreaking technique promises tailored results from bridge to tip, to create fantastic results that suit your unique facial structure.

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