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Treating Sagging Skin at Hotaki London

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Sagging Skin Treatments

Smooth, firm skin that looks toned and healthy is the epitome of youthful radiance. Though as we inevitably age, our collagen and elastin protein production gradually degrades and allows our skin to stretch, loosen and sag. With excessive muscle activity, rapid weight loss, and unfortunately even the genetic lottery, each of us will experience some form of sagging skin in our lives due to natural processes of ageing. While ageing and wrinkles are often thought of in relation to the face, the depletion of dermal structure can happen anywhere across the body, with sagging skin being common in the upper arms, stomach, and the neck, as well as the cheeks and jowls.


The Effect of Ageing Skin

Healthy skin is composed of a variety of cells, that regenerate naturally. Old dermal cells are replaced by new ones, making it easy in our youthful years to maintain a flawless complexion. Hydrating the skin ensures this natural regeneration of the cells occurs, while maintaining a healthy structure of collagen and elastin to keep the skin toned. Collagen boosts the volume in your skin, giving it a plump, youthful look. Elastin is important because it allows the skin to recover, literally regaining it’s smooth, healthy look after a stretch or change while exerting your muscles. Ageing causes the natural depletion of our skin’s healthy nutritional cells, but the effects can be worsened by our lifestyle.

Ageing causes skin to dry, causing cracks and flaking, which leads to a lack of collagen throughout the skin’s dermal structure. Poor skincare, environmental factors, and sun damage can all harm and dry out the skin, leaving it unable to repair and regenerate itself as it used to. At this point, it is time to take action against gravity and your skin’s depletion, to regain your confidence and youthful state of mind.


Treating the Skin with Dr Hotaki

At Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, we’re serious about eliminating the signs of ageing through non-surgical methods. Dr Nur Hotaki has extensive experience and medical research in the latest, most effective and highly reputable treatments, and he personally conducts every consultation, treatment and patient care himself. Offering only the very best skincare products such as Dr Levy Switzerland and using his signature techniques during his skincare procedures, Dr Hotaki can rebuild and rejuvenate your skin’s natural dermal structure, to promote your natural production of collagen and elastin for pain-free, organically produced anti-ageing results.

Gravity takes it’s toll all over the body, and at Hotaki London, we understand that taking care of the body is just as important for our mental wellbeing as looking after the face. Dr Hotaki’s expertise ensures that each patient receives a bespoke treatment plan to suit their specific conditions, and that they receive the very finest procedures and service. Most likely, a combination of treatments at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology will be used to truly turn back the clock on sagging skin, but Dr Hotaki will thoroughly assess your requirements and give you informed advice before correcting unsightly sagging.


To book a free, no-obligation consultation with Dr Nur Hotaki to discuss anti-ageing options that will suit you, contact us at London’s premier aesthetic venue. Loose, sagging skin is a thing of the past, and can be repaired to leave your skin looking toned and smooth – without the risks of surgery.

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