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Skin Tightening Case Study

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skin tightening

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, the status quo just won’t cut the level of care Dr Hotaki strives to achieve. With a wealth of medical knowledge, experience and skill, Dr Nur Hotaki produces cosmetic results based solely in science, with no gimmicks, no tricks, and definitely no surgery. Having spent years perfecting his dermatological research into developing his unique treatment protocols, Dr Hotaki is now delivering never-before-seen results from non-surgical, free-hand techniques.


Case 3: Skin Tightening

This client came to see Dr Hotaki after becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the excess skin she had noticed affecting her under arm area. While she had always been aware of the problem, it became too much when it negatively impacted her confidence, to the point where this concern was dictating the clothes she felt comfortable wearing. After her initial consultation with Dr Hotaki, he noticed that the problem wasn’t just in the excess skin, but that the condition had also deteriorated due to age and exposure.


Dr Hotaki’s Unique Non-Surgical Protocols

Dr Hotaki’s unique protocols for non-surgical skin tightening vary from client to client, to achieve truly personalised results with noticeable results. Over the course of five to six sessions of treatment, this patient was satisfied with her results. How did he create this dramatic lift? Well, it’s a combination of treatments grounded in his pioneering age-defying research. Sculpting the area with PDO threads was just the first step to achieving a more toned look: collagen-stimulating injections also helped to gradually tighten the skin from within, and with targeted mesotherapy, this sagging area didn’t stand a chance against Hotaki’s medically-proven protocols. The condition of the skin also greatly improved, with pigmentation and fine lines reducing, and the area becoming more toned and smooth as a result of Hotaki’s treatment. Using only his skill and expertise, without relying on machine-led processes, has ensured that this clients treatment was entirely bespoke to create flawless results.


Maintaining Your Results

Dr Hotaki is also happy to suggest certain mesoceutical products to help enhance your results, so that the effects are significant and long-lasting. Without using any surgical methods whatsoever, nor any lasers, ultrasound, or radio frequency treatments, Dr Hotaki’s protocols are entirely safe for everyone, and are based purely on his advanced skills and medical expertise.

To find out more about Dr Hotaki’s revolutionary approach to medical cosmetic dermatology, and his innovative treatment protocols for non-surgical skin tightening, take a look at his dedicated page. For your free initial consultation with Dr Hotaki, get in touch today.

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