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Non Surgical Neck Lift

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Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment

Hotaki London

The most beautiful, refined faces are always sure to turn heads. But, what if that flawless complexion turns on a neck that has suffered the weathers of time? The neck and decolletage areas are covered with very delicate, thin skin, that only becomes more transparent and lacklustre as we age. While age-defying facial treatments can make you feel ten years younger, without also addressing an ageing neck, you can limit the effects of your rejuvenation. Deep-set wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin on the neck are a sure-fire way of revealing your true age, so it’s important not to overlook this area if you’re fighting the signs of ageing across your face. 


Hotaki’s Bespoke Treatment Protocols

At Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, Dr Nur Hotaki has spent years devising his unique treatment protocols based on his own research and carefully conducted clinical trials. According to Hotaki, rejuvenation in this area usually comes in the form of a lift, that will give the appearance of a toned, tightened and smoothed neck. Forego the knife, the scars and the stitches, and read on for how Dr Nur Hotaki uses advanced non-surgical techniques to lift and tone for a more youthful neck, without damaging the delicate skin. 


Progressive Treatments, Real Results

From consultation to procedure, Dr Nur Hotaki personally cares for each and every client’s journey with the clinic to ensure optimal results. While his progressive techniques and advanced technologies are a cut above what other London dermatologists can offer, Dr Hotaki doesn’t stop there. His bespoke protocols see him combining treatments and tailoring each procedure to suit each individual client. While PlasmaPRO treatment is excellent at stimulating the skin’s organic production of collagen and elastin, he says that it might work even better with Mesotherapy – injection essential minerals and amino acids into the skin for an even healthier boost to the skin’s repairing processes, leaving you with toned, smooth skin. Similarly, he offers strategically planned PDO Thread treatment on the neck, which is often reserved by other doctors simply for facial toning. Dr Hotaki’s extensive medical experience and expertise sees him performing PDO Thread treatment safely and comfortably for outstanding lift results, without the associated risks of surgery. 


Why You Should Go Non-Surgical

Traditionally, surgical lifts and tucks have been the most effective Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment for targeting sagging, loose skin that creates unsightly wrinkles, but it isn’t without its risks. All surgical procedures come with risks of infection as standard, but botched processes became more and more common as cosmetic dermatology rose to popularity years ago. However, Dr Hotaki is a non-surgical specialist. With no scalpels, general anaesthetic, stitches and scars, all of Dr Hotaki’s treatments are performed with utmost care, and yet are potent enough to produce results that are now surpassing those of surgical means. With so much to offer at Hotaki London, whether in treatment, new expert protocol, or Dr Nur Hotaki’s unrivaled knowledge and care, the results here that are produced with zero risk really begs the question – why would you go surgical when non-surgical is now better? 


non surgical neck lift

If you’d like to speak to Dr Hotaki about your ageing issues or if you’d like to discuss a non-surgical neck lift, all Dr Hotaki’s initial consultations are free of charge and with no obligation. To book your Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment, and start your journey for a more radiant, youthful look with a lift, get in touch. 

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