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Permanent Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment London

When we address the signs of ageing across the face, the neck and decolletage are often overlooked. But, leaving these areas in stark contrast to an enhanced face can actually make the overall signs of ageing look more dramatic, and give the impression that you are much older than you are. Since successful cosmetic dermatology treatments are guided by your own features for a natural look, it seems only wise to include concerns around the neck as part of your cosmetic journey.

When we age, our depleting collagen and elastin cell production leaves our skin vulnerable to gravity, often causing the jowls and neck to wrinkle and sag, increasing the scale of it’s silhouette and making it appear larger. But, it’s not just ageing that can render us unhappy with our neck. Significant weight loss can also leave clients with excess skin across their neck and jawline, which despite their weight loss efforts, won’t slim or tone with just exercise.

Specialist Expertise in Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment –

Dr Hotaki’s specialist expertise in permanent non surgical neck lift treatment London are tailored to suit your requirements, using a combination protocol of treatments including PlasmaPRO; PDO Threads; nourishing Mesotherapy; and advanced, medical-grade topical’s. Personally tailoring your journey at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology from initial consultation to follow-up treatment, Dr Nur Hotaki develops your cosmetic journey to suit your needs, requirements and desires.

Permanent Non Surgical Neck Lift Treatment London

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All of Hotaki London’s treatments are safe and effective on all skin types and tones, for the rejuvenation of loose, aged skin. To tone, smooth and tighten the skin across your neck and decolletage, speak to Dr Hotaki for a bespoke treatment that will be specific to suit you.

Our revolutionary non-surgical treatments require very minimal downtime because they are non-invasive. Utilizing techniques that are much safer than traditional lifting procedures, Dr Hotaki to create outstanding results that defy age and restore your skin’s youthful, toned shape. After your 1-2 hour non surgical neck lift treatment, you will be able to return to your day immediately afterwards.

From Dr Hotaki’s unique protocol of treatments, you can expect to achieve a more toned, slimmer neck with a far more smooth texture and even skin tone. Wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced, and excess skin that was prone to sagging will look firmer around the face, leaving you look more youthful. These results may be visible immediately after the treatment, but they will develop and become more apparent up to three weeks after your procedure at Hotaki London.

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