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Advanced Techniques For the Treatment of Smokers’ Lines

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Why Do Smokers’ Lines Appear?

Smokers’ lines, which are wrinkles that appear on and around the lips as we age, have many triggers. They can form as a result of a natural loss of collagen, UV damage and the toxins and repetitive motions associated with smoking.

Unfortunately, at least where collagen depletion is concerned, the formation of smokers’ lines can be inevitable. This is why it’s always best to do what you can to protect your lips from further harm with the help of appropriate skincare products, as well as making an effort to refrain from smoking.

How Can Smokers’ Lines Be Treated?

Those who adhere to a regular skincare routine and take preventive measures against sun exposure can minimize the risk of smokers’ lines taking shape. It is also recommended to ensure your lips stay hydrated and damage-free during periods of extreme cold.

When looking for a more advanced solution to smokers’ lines within the field of non-surgical medical aesthetics, your chosen practitioner may prescribe dermal fillers, threads and/or wrinkle-relaxing injections for the softening and treatment of smokers’ lines.

Dr Hotaki’s Treatment of Smokers’ Lines

At Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology, our founder, Dr Nur Hotaki, looks beyond traditional methods of treating smokers’ lines. His advanced non-surgical techniques, which are exclusive to his practice, have been proven to provide patients with subtle, long-lasting solutions to the creases and folds that take up residence around the lips.

In addition, Dr Hotaki’s bespoke treatments can be customized to eliminate wrinkles on any part of the body. He will always work alongside patients to put together a tailored treatment protocol that matches their exact individual needs, providing outstanding outcomes time and time again.

Book Treatment for Smokers’ Lines at Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology

Based on Harley Street, Hotaki Cosmetic Dermatology is the clinic of choice for patients who seek high-quality aesthetic treatments with an unrivalled level of patient care. Upon enquiry, a member of our team will book you in with Dr Hotaki for your initial consultation, where your concerns and needs will be assessed.

From here, Dr Hotaki will be present at every stage of your patient journey, performing all treatments and procedures personally, and ensuring that optimal results, aligned with your goals, are met with ease. To find out more, book your consultation here or text 07411 661 001 today.

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